„This outstanding artwork for Act 1 (left side) and Act 5 (right side) by Robin K. (S2) visualizes brilliantly how the strive for power induced by the spark of ambition brings out Macbeth’s dark side throughout the course of the play.

The two posters show how the protagonist transforms (or is transformed?) from a brave battle hero, who is struggling with his guilty conscience, to a ruthless and power-obsessed tyrant, holding on to his crown and thus his power so tightly that it is cutting into his own flesh, foreshadowing his eventual demise.
Notice how Macbeth’s change in appearance reflects his change in character.“

(Frau Schüler, S2 Englisch)

Diese und viele weitere Schülerprodukte, Hintergrundinformationen und Recherche-Ergebnisse wurden auf einer gemeinsamen Pinnwand digital gesammelt und werden nun fortlaufend aktualisiert:

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(Herr Fux)